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Disney Creche provides crèche facilities for nursery school children from Sea Vista’s under-privileged community. The Government’s Social Development department will only provide funding of R15.00 per child per month for up to a maximum of 20 children. This subsidy is paid over quarterly, but unfortunately the full amount due is never received. They do receive some support from local fishing enterprise Balobi consisting of R5000 worth of food with R400 for telephone and electricity per month. The crèche levies fees of R120.00 per child per month, however no action can be taken against defaulting parents as Social Development opposes such action. Currently, there are 50 children registered at Disney Creche and this important nursery school struggles to keep up with the need in the community. This is an essential service for the young women in Sea Vista who need to leave their children in reliable care when they set off to work or to find employment.  As with all our Sea Vista schools, there is a long waiting list for children to be enrolled and therefore more space, equipment and teachers are needed.

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