Sea Vista Primary School

The initiative to raise money for the Sea Vista Primary School Educational Fund was started in 2018 by the St Francis community to relieve the educational crisis at the primary school, which serves the under-privileged community in Sea Vista. The communities of St Francis and Sea Vista are very proud of the new school, which was opened in 2017. However, as available funding has been reduced by the National Education Department, the number of teachers allocated from government to state schools has been reduced. Sea Vista Primary School has been severely hit by these reductions in staff. The situation is further challenged by the rapidly expanding population of Sea Vista. The school of nearly 600 children from grade 0 to grade 7 has been allocated a headmaster, a deputy head and 9 other teachers which results in a pupil teacher ratio of over 50 to 1.

This project has been identified as our key project for 2018. The aim is to help in three ways:

  1. Sponsor one or more teachers in the junior section of the school, thus improving the pupil teacher ratio, through the Sea Vista Primary School Educational Fund
  2. Provide remedial reading and maths classes.
  3. Provision of sports funding and equipment