St Francis Clinic in Sea Vista

This clinic is the first port of call for anyone in the broader community who does not have access to private health care. For many folks in the disadvantaged community, Sister Bertha Strydom and her staff are a lifeline providing access to basic healthcare which they would otherwise have to travel great distances to get to, impossible for most of these impoverished people. From pregnancy and childcare advice, to TB and HIV Aids treatment and counseling, the dedicated staff of this small under-funded clinic dispense with compassion and skill.

This is a Government facility, but the funding provided is nowhere near enough to properly serve this community. Various doctors from the broader community volunteer their services on a continual basis including a retired optometrist who runs a regular eye clinic.

The staff are very dedicated, however resources are a continual problem.

Through Rotary and the Dischem Foundation, Rotary has supplied the clinic with desperately needed wheelchairs. We have also supplied nebulisers, shelving and filing facilities, rest room furniture but much more is needed and funding is not forthcoming through the Government channels.