Talhado Children’s Haven Montessori Pre-Primary School

This school provides Montessori pre-schooling for children aged from 3 to 6 years old. This is one of very few Montessori schools operating in an underprivileged community on the African continent. All teachers have been fully trained in this teaching format and are paid through donor funding. The principal who acts on a voluntary basis is internationally accredited. All students receive a wholesome breakfast and lunch. The school also offers a media centre and after care facility for older children in the afternoons to assist with their scholastic projects. An evening basic computer skills course for the adults in the community is also run from this school. Rotary donations from home and abroad have recently made it possible for another Sea Vista resident to be enrolled on an online training course to qualify as a Montessori teacher. In addition Rotary has funded new classroom furniture and Montessori teaching aids. There is a long waiting list for children to be enrolled and therefore more space, equipment and teachers are needed.