Providing pre-school care and education, building the foundation for education

Disney Land Creche

Substantial improvement to this small school’s infrastucture have been facilitated by the Club. This includes replacing the roof, improving the toilet facilities, construction of a secure boundary fence and gate, provision of water storage tanks. In addition the school has been supplied with new cooking and catering facilities, educational equipment and restored playground equipment.

Talhado Children’s Haven Montessori Pre-Primary School

This school has been assisted with ongoing maintenance to the school buildings including roof replacement, upgraded cooking and catering equipment, computers and Montessori teaching aids, playground equipment and upgraded ablution facilities. Solar panels were recently installed to provide power security. The school is in need of funds to provide ongoing training to the Montessori teachers who are all Sea Vista residents and to build an extra classroom. The school’s fundraisers for teachers’ salaries and running costs are supported by the Club wherever possible.


18 teachers from Hankey, Humansdorp, Oyster Bay, and Sea Vista participated in a vibrant training session with LEGO DUPLO Play Boxes.  Teachers from the Rainbow group, dealing with special needs, were also in attendance. Each school received LEGO DUPLO sets, totalling 33 boxes, with additional boxes sent to Sea Vista Library for reading classes – So far the project is impacting more than 600 pupils!