Valuing our senior citizens; bringing compassionate care for the aged and terminally ill.

St Francis Hospice

The Club runs an annual Amazing Race fundraising event to raise running costs for Hospice in the Kouga region. We funded the required palliative care training course for the incoming care sister for St Francis. Equipment and consumables such as adult nappies have also been funded.

Ons Tuiste Retirement Home

Many of the residents of this old age home in Humansdorp rely on SASSA pensions alone. The Club facilitated the installation of water tanks and pumping system to provide this facility with water security during drought conditions and load shedding. We continue to look at ways in which to assist with the running of this important facility for the elderly.

Golden Oldies Gift Bags

The Club has an annual collection to provide senior citizens  and disabled folk dependent on SASSA grants with a Christmas gift of basic hygiene products and food treats. The recipients include senior citizens at Ons Tuiste in Humansdorp, Sea Vista in St Francis and needy patients under care with Hospice.