“Wine on Water” is the flagship fundraising event for the Rotary Club of St Francis. While it provides enormous fun for our guests, it brings so much more to our community. Every penny raised goes towards supporting Rotary projects in greater St Francis and numerous charities serving the community. These include organizations dedicated to environmental conservation, the NSRI, schools and pre-schools in Sea Vista, child welfare organizations, senior citizens, various animal welfare charities, and our Victim Support Unit.

Of particular significance is the employment opportunity for the young men and women of Sea Vista, who serve as deck and street marshalls, keeping everyone safe and ensuring the event flows smoothly. These opportunities are crucial in assisting young people who face daily struggles to find employment in increasingly difficult times.

Additionally, our Wine on Water guests bring a much-needed economic injection to our tourism sector and local businesses, creating more employment opportunities. The Rotary Club of St Francis is proud to be of service and to contribute to the upliftment of our community.